DIY Camera Bag Insert

DIY Camera insert 13

I’m not a fan of the standard camera bags you can buy everywhere these days. They are either cheap and ugly or trendy and expensive and they all scream “Camera gear – Steal me!” I thought I’d make a DIY padded camera insert for my gear so it could go in any bag I happened to be using at the time.

I have a great Datsusara Hemp Emissary bag that is perfect as a photography bag – big enough for a laptop and all my gear for any given photographic day trip.

The original idea came from this camera carrier insert DIY project but was simplified to suit my sewing skills. DIY Camera insert 2

I drew up some basic plans, got some fabric and rubber off-cuts for $15, then it was off to my Mother-in-law’s for some expert advice and to use her kick-ass sewing machine. There’s no way I’m sewing this by hand!

DIY Camera insert 9DIY Camera insert 5

At first things went quite scrappy but I soon figured it all out and by the third one I was nailing it with some sexy, straight stitching!DIY Camera insert 7DIY Camera insert 8

I ended up making 3 individual protective pouches. One for my Canon 5D mk2, the second for my Contax G2 and the third for whatever extra gear I may need on the day.DIY Camera insert 12

As you can see, the protective pockets slip into the bag very nicely and the gear is protected from all sides.IMG_3500_600px

I have also used these versatile inserts in a 5.11 Rush backpack for when I’m hiking or camping. (pictured below)cradle mountain, standing on top

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