An Ayahuasca Story Part 1

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An Ayahuasca Story Part 1

Sunday 5th May, 2013
A 6am flight up to the north of Peru into the tail end of the Amazon jungle. A taxi meets me at the airport in Iquitos (ee-kee-tos), after a 45 minute drive on a bumpy jungle road I reach a tiny roadside village. The taxi driver charges me a ludicrous amount for this part of the world – 80 soles ($30 AUD), my heavy bag is given to a local guy who then leads me on a 30 minute walk straight into the jungle and to the DAS Ayahuasca Center.

There are two locals here who seem to be the staff onsite. They don’t speak a word of English. They lead me to my room or more accurately, my hut. The place is empty except for one other white guy I notice walk past my hut later in the afternoon. There is no electricity, no activity, nothing but the jungle and the crushing silence. What have I gotten myself into?

Lunch was a bowl of vegetable soup and rice with an egg and a few slices of salad. Very sparse and certainly not nearly enough to fill me up, barely enough to stop my hunger pains, but I guess that’s part of it.

Spiritual Healing Center Dios Ayahuasca Sanaciones (DAS)


Javier the warrior poet

I just met Javier from France. He just arrived this afternoon straight from France to the retreat. He seems like a very intense guy, staring at me when he talks, almost challenging. I also met Carl from England. He is here for up to 10 days and has been wandering around waiting for something to happen for a day already and he knows about as much as me – nothing. But I guess that’s part of it.

flat bread
Dinner was a dry fried flat bread and a cup of hot anise tea. I have been so hungry since I arrived, this food certainly isn’t going to help me much. But I guess that’s part of it.

A boy from one of the local farms.

There is only Carl, Javier and myself in the camp. No electricity, no running water, no sounds at all but the birds and the insects and the light tropical rain dripping down the grass roof of my hut. My mind cant stop racing. Boredom threatens to overwhelm me. But I guess that’s part of it.

My room complete with a toilet through the door at the back and an awesome hammock. Oh the countless hours I spent rocking myself back and forth. You should have seen how high I managed to swing myself after a week of practice.

I believe the first ceremony is tomorrow night (Monday). Until then, it’s just wait, sit tight and see what comes.


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