Exploring the Sacred Valley, Urubamba at Cuzco, Peru – A photographic view

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Exploring the Sacred Valley, Urubamba at Cuzco, Peru – A photographic view

I’ve had a hot shower and a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed after the 4 amazing and very tiring days hiking the Inca Trail. It’s time to relax and explore Cuzco and the Sacred Valley with the American group I hiked the Inca Trail with.



Every ridge we drive over shows yet another vista that goes on forever. I could spend a year photographing here and still not run out of unique shots.


We stopped at a beautiful little village called Pisac. It was a real shoppers paradise with markets seemingly on every street corner throughout the whole town.


There were so many curios to look at and learn about at every stall, it wasn’t a surprise to find we’d overstayed our time here as we were rushed back on the bus to the next location.


Everywhere I went the people were more than happy stop and chat. The second I took a photo though, their hands shot out like lightning for money. They never missed a beat but I cant blame them. Every day having a camera shoved in your face by annoying tourists must get quite dull!


As you can see, there was quite the variety of characters – All of which hit me up for cash before the shutter even had time to close!


The crop terraces at Moray. They were used for extensive crop research as the temperature from the top terrace to the bottom can vary up to 5-10 degrees celsius.

Today we had the company of an Incan priest on our tour around the Sacred Valley and when we arrived at Moray in the afternoon, a prayer mat was set up at the bottom of one of the smaller circular terraces and we were led in a Pachamama (Mother Earth) Blessing Ceremony that was very interesting culturally.

It was a blend of Catholic and traditional Incan practices with lots of praying, giving thanks, offerings, bell ringing, etc… Hippy meets Catholicism. I suspect I’ll need a few more spiritual cleansings to get those stains off my soul though.


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