Colca Canyon Hike – Three days in the canyon – Part 2

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Colca Canyon Hike – Three days in the canyon – Part 2


Thurs May 16, 2013

I was woken up to Juan Carlos calling out my name. It was 5:30 am, I had overslept. The group had started up the track while JC went looking for my room. I threw on a pair of pants, checked I had everything in my pack, made a quick pit stop at the bathroom then we were on our way.

It was still very dark and super cold but as the track is steep and hard going, the cold was refreshing rather than unbearable. There was a light drizzle of rain at times but nothing to worry about.

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Throughout the 2-3 hour hike up 1.2 km of steep, winding track to the top of the canyon the light slowly started to illuminate the massive walls of the canyon. The sunrise made this the most beautiful part of the trek by far and at 6:30 when the sun finally hit the tops of the mountain range, I stopped to get some photos – the whole Colca Canyon trek was worth it just for this morning.


As the groups reached the top, there were many high fives and lots of group photos. Everyone was in a great mood. The morning was beautiful and the conclusion of the hike left everyone feeling good.

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It was then off to the local town for breakfast.


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