Colca Canyon Hike – Three days in the canyon – Part 2

Thurs May 16, 2013 I was woken up to Juan Carlos calling out my name. It was 5:30 am, I had overslept. The group had started up the track while JC went looking for my room. I threw on a pair of pants, checked I had everything in my pack, made a quick pit stop at the bathroom then we were on our way.

The Inca Trail Hike in photos

The Inca Trail trek was magical. 4 days hiking up and down breathtaking mountains and enjoying the company of not only the other guests in the group but also the guides and support crew.

On the streets of Iquitos – A Photo Essay

After a long week in the jungle with a very restrictive diet and some hard ceremonies at the Ayahuasca retreat, it was time to recover, indulge in some tasty food and laze around on the streets of Iquitos. Most of the street shots are taken with my lovely Contax G2 film camera and Kodak colour film.

An Ayahuasca Story Part 4 – Closure

Friday 10th May, 2013 We’ve just finished the flower ceremony in readiness for my third and final ceremony in a few hours. I’m both determined and nervous. The scars from the last ceremony are still fresh but there is still so much more to learn. I hope that tonight will bring me what I need in a form that I can understand and not be overwhelmed by.

An Ayahuasca story Part 2

Monday 6th May 2013 Finally I met our Currandero Percy Garcia. He asked about why I’m here and what I want out of Ayahuasca. He doesn’t speak English but his friend and assistant was there to translate. We’re about to have a flower bath ceremony in readiness for tonight’s ceremony. I’m now nervous as hell. But I guess that’s part of it.

An Ayahuasca Story Part 1

Sunday 5th May, 2013 A 6am flight up to the north of Peru into the tail end of the Amazon jungle. A taxi meets me at the airport in Iquitos (ee-kee-tos), after a 45 minute drive on a bumpy jungle road I reach a tiny roadside village. The taxi driver charges me a ludicrous amount for this part of the world – 80 soles ($30 AUD), my heavy bag is given to a local guy who then leads me on a 30 minute walk straight into the jungle and to the DAS Ayahuasca Center.